All You Need To Know About Emperor Constantine


He had many faces in his long life. A Roman Emperor who was also a mass killer, a slayer of his own family members who were ambitious, proud, powerful, and jealous he altered the world to suit his purposes. He did much more than that, however, because he established the Roman Catholic Church and changed many of the ancient myths to fit in with his version of religion. He also put in place the format for a powerful government that is still used today in Western societies. it was he who determined royal assent and many of the methods kings use to this day.

It is he who is described in sections of the bible as the man whose number is 666 (Revelation 13:18). This prophecy obviously refers to Jesus Christ and the one who instated him as the prophet, the product of the Catholic Church. He was supposedly crucified by the Romans and his side was pierced with a sword. Then, according to the Church's New Testament (compiled and partly written by Jerome), he rose again and went up bodily into heaven. Well, no one has ever seen him or heaven despite all the space travel and super-efficient telescopes that monitor the universe daily. At the time when these things have proposed the state of the planets and the movement of them was a mystery. But humans love fantasy and fairy tales and that is exactly what this religion and others focus on.

All You Need To Know About Emperor Constantine

Many were killed and much more were maimed when they refused to worship the cross under Constantine's orders. The decrees he issued on these matters are still in existence. Some of his victims arrived as delegates to the Council of Nicaea, called together by the emperor the year after ordering the murder of his son, Grasps. That assembly comprised men of all persuasions but mostly those of good repute who served at Court or in the king's employ.

The maimed, uneducated and weak turned up in rags, some limped because their hamstrings were cut by the emperor's men, and some could only see out of one eye as the other had been dug out with a sword and the wound seared with a hot iron. They made a tragic sight among the well-dressed, perfumed and robed bishops and servants of the emperor. A painting from the assembly exists and was studied and interpreted by a professor of Theology, Dr. Arthur Stanley, who wrote a book based solely on that one piece of evidence.

In the lead up to this meeting, Constantine cleverly altered Easter (3 pagan festivals) to the first new moon after the equinox instead of on the day itself. He changed 'noon', an old term for 'dawn' and the usual time of execution, to midday. In other words, he hid the origin of the events he promoted so that it was harder to associate the image of Christ to the old traditions.

Once his religion was born he set about building churches to accommodate the lies he had put in place. The first of these was the Vatican, built on the old temple to Jupiter (Peter in English) who was then promoted to the rock on which the new church stands. He built the Church of the Holy Sepulcher to allow worshippers to dream of the place where their Savior was executed and buried. He also built the Church of the Nativity to further enhance the lie of the birth of Christ.

Later Jerome, working in the employ of a future emperor, would produce the first bible and he was charged with organizing the religion. This he did on borrowed symbols, costumes, feast days and order of the mass from the sun-worshipping Imperial Roman Religion.

Constantine's religion spread widely throughout the world and it has greatly influenced attitudes, caused wars and civil unrest (such as the 30-year war in Ireland between Catholics and Protestants), misled its followers into believing that it can provide a greater afterlife than their existing one, contributed to overpopulation by insisting that children once conceived must be born and by refusing the use of contraceptives. It also encourages large families and wealth creation although it feeds off poverty in third world countries where its influence is greatest.

Explorers who went forth in its name, such as Cortez, murdered and pillaged native people in lands where many million died and entire civilizations, such as the Inca in Peru and the Aztecs of Mexico were eradicated. Their temples were built over or converted into Catholic churches while entire communities were trapped and burned alive.

The Religious organization is extremely wealthy and heavily supported by criminal groups, such as the Mafia. Members of this and others like it happily pay priests for a chance to enter heaven on their death. The gold was stolen from the Americas still, decorates Catholic churches and its icons.

During the Spanish inquisitions, it burned many innocent people alive on meager excuses and women were a chief target. These poor unfortunate ladies and girls were seen as devils and witches by the bishops and their councils who acted for Mother church. In one recorded event in Peru, an entire village was locked up by the Spanish invaders and set alight burning all inside. The stolen images made of gold was melted down and taken back to Spain where it was distributed to the king and the church.

Forgiveness of sins is one of the greatest frauds ever enacted and it comes directly from Mediterranean sun worshipping religions of the Roman and pre-Roman eras. By declaring that one's sins are forgiven the perpetrators of crime can go out and perform their murders, robberies, rape, abuse of children and so forth, knowing they will be forgiven. All it will take will be a few Hail Mary's or other penance.

The religion of Constantine continues to generate so-called saints who supposedly reign in heaven along with Jesus Christ and all others that it allows in. The Old Testament calls it the temple of robbers (Job 12:6) and announces that heaven and all of its hosts will fall to earth and be destroyed when the truth is known (Isaiah 34:4 and 45:8).

In return, they reward the Vatican with huge sums of money given during services. The parliament of the emperor remains strong and influences every government in the world through its members who stand steadfastly to its laws and directions.

The Federal Government of Australia is in the process of setting up a Royal Commission to investigate the activities of the Church in regard to the cover-up of pedophilia conducted by hundreds of its priests against children. Many minors and others have been raped, fondled and abused by the very people they trusted the most and whom they were educated to believe were acting for and conducting themselves along the lines of the prophet, Jesus Christ.

It took years of research to unravel the confusion and methods used in the establishment of the Roman Catholic Church and of all of the cover-up.

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