BARSKA Large Biometric Safe Review


With crime continually rising, you have a duty to your family to keep your documents and firearms safe, yet easily accessible when needed. It is confusing deciding upon which safe offers you the best security and an affordable price. After reviewing numerous safes, the clear winner and most affordable design is the BARSKA Large Biometric Safe.

The BARSKA Large Biometric Safe Review is an in-depth, honest review of the pros and cons of this lightweight, durable, and roomy safe you can use to store all your valuables including firearms, personal documents, and other items of value.

We look at not only the value you get with this design, but the overall protection offered up by an inexpensive, electronically protected safe. We will investigate both its flaws and its features so you can decide if this safe meets your needs.

Features of the BARSKA Large Biometric Safe

BARSKA Large Biometric Safe Review

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Steel Construction

Although the BARSKA Large Biometric Safe is lightweight, it has a rugged steel construction. It also comes per-drilled for mounting securely to the floor, or with the included hardware, you could easily mount it to a wall to prevent thieves from taking the safe from its location.

The three large steel locking bolts make sure that when the door is closed and locked, it will stay that way until someone authorized to enter the safe does so. The locking bolts slide into three sides of the safe preventing someone from attempting to slide in a screwdriver to jimmy the safe open.

Interior Design

The large and lightweight design is one of this safe key features. The expansive interior space (15 inches x 20 inches x 14 inches), is large enough to allow you to keep firearms, documents, expensive and sensitive electronics, and other valuables you need to protect from thieves and others who have no right to view or touch the items contained in the safe.

With its large interior comes 2 adjustable shelves give this safe the flexibility you need to hold a variety of items of various sizes. The floor has a protective mat to keep things like firearms and other valuables free from scratches and other marks.

Biometric Lock

If you are constantly looking for your keys or find yourself having to write things like passwords and combinations, the BARSKA Large Biometric Safe is something to look into purchasing.

With a Biometric lock you use your fingerprint as the key to open the safe. You decide who has access to the safe and who does not. If you have kids, this is a great option as you can choose who is old enough and responsible enough to get access to the safe by assigning their fingerprints to the lock. If you do not want a child or other member of your family to get access to the safe, they cannot since there is no combination.

Quick Access

If you store your firearms in a safe and find yourself in a panic situation, the last thing you want is to have to remember a combination or fumble around for a key in the dark. With this safe, you simply press your finger against the scanner and the safe is quickly open giving you access to what you need to protect you and your family from harm. With the ability to store up to 120 different users fingerprints, you can store prints from both your hands if you injure a finger.

Door Open Alert

The BARSKA Large Biometric Safe comes with a safety feature that you may or may not like. When the door is opened, a loud beep sounds out. This is annoying but is also a good indicator that possibly, someone has entered the safe without authorization. Perhaps a child has found the backup key and has opened the safe. You can quickly monitor the situation after hearing the beep.

Some owners of this safe have complained that the beep will alert any intruder to the fact that you are alert and possibly going to defend your home and your family. It would be a rare occurrence that this would happen but do be aware of this feature.

Extra Security Included

The safe is lightweight at only 48.5 pounds which means someone could easily lift the safe and take it from your home or office. BARSKA has acknowledged this and has included 2 factory pre-drilled holes which you can use to securely bolt the safe to either a floor or a wall. The bolts are not accessible unless the safe is open so it makes it nearly impossible for anyone to make a dash with your possessions. If you are planning on mounting this safe to a wall, care should be taken to ensure that it is mounted to a wall stud to prevent the safe from falling.

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What We Liked

  • Lightweight, steel construction which is durable and secure.
  • Roomy interior can hold several handguns and still have room for other valuables.
  • Fingerprint security means that you control who has access to the safe.
  • Battery powered lock mechanism designed to last 2 years before batteries need replaced.
  • 2 interior shelves to increase storage.
  • Comes with 2 extra keys to open safe in the event the Biometric Lock fails.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Safe is not fireproof or waterproof.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions: 14 x 13 x 19.75 inches
  • Weight: 48.5 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 49.1 pounds
  • Fingerprint memory: 120
  • Secondary access: 2 back-up keys
  • Body material: Steel

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I do if the batteries die and the safe is locked?
The safe comes with 2 extra keys you can use if the battery fails. Also, if you cannot find the keys, there is an included battery backup box which you can connect to the Biometric Lock and used to open the safe.

Q: How secure is this safe?
If you are looking for something to secure your firearms or other valuables in an inexpensive way, then this safe is the ideal option. For the price, you get a double steel wall safe with a strong, electronic lock that will keep your items secure. It is not a high-end, solid steel construction wall safe, however, for the money this is a good investment.

Final Verdict

The BARSKA Large Biometric Safe is an affordable option if you are looking for a place to store your firearms, money, or other valuables. It offers great protection, is lightweight and the Biometric Lock mechanism is easy to use and a convenient way to open the safe. The lightweight design makes it easy to transport when the need arises and the added feature of being able to bolt the safe to a floor or wall makes.

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