Everything You Need To Know About Gun Safety


Guns have been used for centuries, but when they are badly handled, they can lead to unnecessary accidents and in the worst case, deaths. Whether you are at home or in the field, the first thing that you should keep in mind is gun safety. That means you need to understand the features of the gun to avoid any accidents. When a firearm is irresponsibly handled, it can lead to destruction of property or injury to innocent people.

However, when a gun is properly handled or stored, it does not pose any danger to people. The only risk comes when the gun is handled. As a gun owner, how you decide to follow gun safety rules can prove to be the whole difference between death and life.

Therefore, as a firearm owner, it is important that you observe gun safety at all times to avoid accidents. It is important for beginners to be closely supervised, especially when they have not handled a gun before.

Everything You Need To Know About Gun Safety

Gun safety tips

This gun safety tips will help you educate non-shooters on how to handle a gun. Don't be timid about it. However, you should not go about teaching people how to handle a gun unless you understand the basic rules of gun safety. Make sure you keep practicing them and memorizing until you are good at gun control and safety.

If you come across a shooter who does not know how to handle a gun properly, you can educate them using these tips. Always remember that gun safety starts with you. Following these gun safety tips will ensure you don't encounter any accidents with your firearm.

Always treat the gun was loaded

That means, when you come across someone you know who has bought a gun and they have shown you it was clear, it is still important your safety check it first. Also, when you set the gun on the table, you should safety check it to make sure it is safe before you pick it up again. In case the gun has a magazine, make sure you remove it before you store it. It is always important you treat the gun as loaded until you are sure it is not.

Always keep the gun pointed in a direction that is safe

It is important you keep the gun facing a safe direction to avoid destroying valuable items or injuring people in case it goes off. If you are not willing to take the life of a person then you should not point the gun at them. This gun safety tip also applies when you have already done a safety check. It is important to keep in mind that a safe direction varies depending on the circumstance of the gun handler.

Keep your finger away from the gun trigger

Unless you are ready to shoot, it is important that you keep your fingers away from the gun trigger to avoid the gun from discharge. Even if you are an experienced firearm handler, keeping your index finger on the trigger is very dangerous unless you are ready to fire.

Instead, when you pick up the gun you should place your finger on the side of the gun to avoid unnecessary accidents. You should only put your finger on the trigger when you are ready to shoot. Once you remove the gun from the target, your index finger should be kept away from the trigger and placed on the side of the gun.

Always be sure of your target

Proper gun safety is not only about keeping yourself safe from harm but also surrounding people other than your target. Therefore, never fire a shot until you have properly identified your target and what is behind it. It is important you assess your target and what is behind them to avoid hitting the wrong person.

That means you should properly assess the threat of your enemy and the threat of your bullet to innocent lives. When you are sure there are no innocent lives between or beyond your target it will reduce the risk of unnecessary accidents. To avoid hitting an innocent life, you may need to adjust your gun.

Benefits of gun safety

Helps you teach kids how to be safe with guns

When you have a gun kept inside your home, kids will always be curious. They would want to see how a gun fires just like in the video games or movies. They might do so oblivious of the threat the gun poses to them. According to a study that was published in the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, 32 percent of kids whose parents were gun owners knew where the gun was stored.

Another 22 percent of kids said that they handled the gun even when their parents told them not to touch it. When you know the rules of gun safety, it will help you to educate your kids about the risks of handling a gun at home or somewhere else. For example, you could tell them if they come across another kid pointing a gun to others, they should immediately report the matter to adults.

Helps you know how to store a gun

When you understand gun safety rules, you will know how to properly store your gun, to avoid it being used for any other purpose than to defend your life. When you have a loaded gun in the house, you will know it is supposed to be kept in a fingerprint safe. This will allow quick access by the authorized persons only.

How to maintain your gun

Before you begin cleaning your gun, make sure you have the right supplies required for the job. The next thing you should do is to disassemble the firearm. To disassemble your gun, you need to check that it is clear and you have removed the magazine. Use a brush from the cleaning supplies to thoroughly brush the barrel.

Also, make sure you brush the slide. Afterwards, you will need to lubricate the gun and reassemble it back. However, if you are not sure how to clean your gun, you should seek the help of a professional.

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