How is Your True Optimal Health Related to What You Eat


Did you know that your optimal health is related to what you eat? Digestion of food materials and other products that you eat directly determines your health. For your information, your optimal health is determined by digestion. Among all biological processes in your body, digestion is the most important.

Today I has dedicated this article to show how different foods and other products that you ingest into your body influence your optimal health. What you eat as a direct relation to your optimal health. What you eat should be fully digested, absorbed, assimilated and nitrogenous waste materials excreted from the body successfully.

This has a direct relation to the quality of your life, and it is the reason why you should keenly watch your diet. If you have any doubts, read on and you will find more reasons why you need to be cautious about what you eat. Personally, I know the importance of being careful about what I eat. That's why I want to share this information with you.

The various foods that you eat can be grouped into the following classes; Carbohydrates, proteins, Falsities, Vitamins, and Minerals. When these foods are ingested into the body in excess they affect your efforts in realizing optimal health. Their deficiency also affects your health to a certain degree. This is why it is very important to ensure that your diet contains a balance of the major classes which are Carbohydrates, proteins, and fats lipids.

How is Your True Optimal Health Related to What You Eat

The following are ways through which different foods and products that you eat influence your health.

a). Carbohydrates

A low carbohydrate diets

A diet with low amounts of carbohydrates plays a major role in weight loss. This is because low amounts of carbohydrates - which are the major substrates for energy production- causing the body to digest any fats and protein deposits in the effort to produce energy.

A low carbohydrate diet will also affect your Psychological health. Research shows that carbohydrate inadequacy in your diet greatly affects your psychological health.

A high carbohydrate diet

A diet containing high amounts of carbohydrates has a host of effects on your health. If you have ever wondered how a diet rich in carbohydrates would influence your health, you are just on the verge of learning everything.

Weight Gain. There is a positive correlation between high carbohydrates intake and the increase in body weight. Food types like pasta, bread and other forms of starch are the leading sources of carbohydrates. If you are wondering how this happens, read on and you will get fully informed.

High amounts of carbohydrates in the body lead to an increase in the amounts of calories. The increase in calories deposits is directly related to weight gain. This is because your body has sufficient supply of substrates for energy production in the form of carbohydrates. This reduces protein and fats metabolism leading to their increased storage in the muscles and the adipose tissue respectively. Scientifically, there is a direct correlation between obesity and high carbohydrates intake.

Cancer infection risk. According to research, pancreatic and breast cancer are positively correlated with a high carbohydrate diet. This is according to research conducted in Mexico and published in the "Journal" of the National Cancer Institute.”

b) Proteins

Proteins influence your optimal health in the following ways:

Proteins have a lot of importance in your body. They are the building blocks for your muscles tissues. For this reason, you have to make sure that you eat enough proteins, so as to help your body repair any damages muscle tissue. Failure to supply your body with enough proteins drastically affects muscle tissue building and repair of any worn-out muscle tissues.

Proteins play a significant role in weight loss. Eating a heavy meal of proteins enhances conversion of calories into energy in the form of ATP. Due to this you greatly enhance weight loss.

Proteins also are major components of your body cells. They make up the cell membrane, surround the cells and are also found within cells in your body. Inside the cells, the proteins perform enzymatic functions of energy production. Proteins that make up the cell membrane play a substantial role in enhancing information transfer between body cells.

Your bones are also made up of proteins. Proteins help maintain bones shape. This is because in your body the proteins are made into different sizes and shapes.

Antibodies and digestive enzymes in your blood are constituted of proteins. Antibodies are important components of your blood. Enzymes play a substantial role in various metabolic reactions within your body like digestion and respiration. All this clarifies why you need to ensure that proteins are a part of your diet.

c) Fatalities

Fats influence your optimal health in the following ways:

Fats are important components of cells. Your cell membranes are composed of fats. For your information, cells are the major units of life in your body. Your body is made up of numerous cells that are actively dividing. These fats play a very important role in maintaining the shape and the structural stability of your cells. Hospholipase are the types of fats that make up the cell membrane. Red meat is a good source of fats.

Fats are also important sources of energy substrates. They play an important role in energy production in the Mitochondria in your cells. This occurs in the absence of carbohydrates which are the chief energy substrates.

Fats also offer protection to organs like the heart and the kidneys. For example, they protect the heart from shock absorption. Because of the delicacy of these organs, they have to be protected. This is why your diet should have sufficient supply of fats.

d) Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are the major boosters of your immunity. They help in improving your immune system and help your body in fighting pathogens. Without them, your immunity will be sabotaged. Protection against diseases and fight against them is very important for a healthy life.

They also play an important role in the healing of wounds after an injury e.g. Vitamin C. Vitamin D is essential for healthy bones.

Calcium is very important in bone development in infants. It is also important in adults for enhancing bone strength. Bones are important in maintaining your body structure. Bones, provide attachment areas for your muscles.

Vitamin k play a substantial role in blood clotting process. This is very important in preventing excessive loss of blood after an injury.

Iron plays an important role in oxygen transport in the body. This is because it is an important component of hemoglobin.

Vitamin A (retinal) is very important for improved vision. This is because the vitamin enhances the function of rods and cones. Iodine plays a significant role in goiter prevention. Chlorine helps in the killing of germs. Sulfur plays a substantial role in enhancing enzymatic reactions.

This is why you have to ensure that you include them in your diet. Vegetables and fruits are great sources of minerals and vitamins. Fruits and vegetables are also important in enhancing a great skin. Examples are; Mangoes, Oranges, Kales, Spinach, Tomatoes, Pumpkins, Carrots among others.

e) Smoking and Alcohol drinking

These two are very detrimental to your health. Don't let anyone lure you into any of these. Smoking will kill your cells which are the basic units of your life. This is because of the nicotine and tar contained in the tobacco. It will also lead to the weakening of your immunity making you prone to diseases. Additionally, smoking will destroy your organs like Lungs affecting the supply of oxygen to the cells and fissures.

Excessive alcohol drinking has been proven to have a relation with Liver disorders like Liver Cirrhosis. Drinking will also affect your eating and lead to a weakened body. Awakened body is a fertile ground for disease-causing pathogens. if you don't want to have a weakened body, then do your best and stay away from these two stimulants.

f) Genetically Modified Organisms

There are high numbers of genetically modified organisms in the market today. Since they have been genetically engineered, they have a high potential of affecting your health.

Scientists through research have found out that, genetically modified organisms have a positive correlation with obesity. A good example is the consumption of genetically engineered corns. Alteration of intestines microstructure affects the digestion of proteins. This significantly affects amino acids production. Amino acids are substantial building blocks for your cells. Amino acids production inability influences cell growth and unclog.

Consumption of genetically engineered products progressively affects your immune system. Your immune system is altered by these products. The Strong immune system is very important in the prevention and fighting off diseases. Alteration of the immune system sabotages this. Therefore, you should be cautious of these products.

Enhancing the function of your Cells (somatic and sex) through a balanced diet is chief to optimizing your health. Cells play very important roles in ensuring that your DNA is safe and also providing your body with the necessary energy for your daily chores. If you want to enhance the realization of an optimal health, then, ensure that your diet is balanced. This is because the performance of your cells will be improved by eating a balanced diet.

Diet contribution to optimal health realization is indisputable. The best way to enhance your optimal health is through a balanced diet. Improve your diet and rest assured the realization of optimal health will be enhanced significantly.

The only way to better your health is through eating a healthy diet.

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