How to Have a Happy Long Distance Relationship


Geographical separation is something that can make a relationship crumble. But the question is, can love thrive? Very many couples find this issue very complicated and most of them end up separating. College students and young professionals are forced to be geographically mobile in order to achieve their life goals.

The major mistake most people make is the fact that they don't prepare adequately for such an occurrence. (Long distance relationship). The transition from seeing each other every day to probably seeing each other once in four months might have serious consequences to their day to day lives. So, the question is what really makes a long-distance relationship work? Here are some of the factors that can make it work.

How to Have a Happy Long Distance Relationship

1. Honesty

It is said that honesty is the best policy. It is very important when it comes to long distance relationships. Most couples usually have problems when it comes to matters related to their sex life. This is something that should be discussed at the start of the relationship. It is very normal for human beings to have needs, but you also need to have self-control. Keeping a long-distance relationship is possible if it is based on honesty and absolutely no jealousy. You do not have to always wonder what the other person is doing.

2. Patience

This is a very important virtue when it comes to keeping a long-distance relationship alive. The best thing to do is to keep yourself busy all the time and by doing this, you will find that time actually flies by very fast. In some cases, you might find that you get bored and start missing your partner during weekends or holidays. What you should do is try occupying your brain with activities like volunteer work. As much as you build the community, you have fun as you socialize and meet new people.

3. Encouraging one another

Being away from people you love is not an easy thing. This is why encouraging one another is very important when you are miles apart. When skyping or talking on the phone, make a point of always wanting to know how your partner is and motivate him or her to work harder and be the best. This should go both ways. By doing this, no one ever feels lonely and the bond gets stronger.

4. Be ready for any uncertainty

Uncertainty is one of the major problems you have to know how to fight in order to keep a long-distance relationship alive. As much as you trust your partner, reality checks in and it makes you start feeling sad. To avoid this, make sure your life does not go on a standstill. Focus on your goals and aspirations in life and avoid being destructed. The idea here is to be able to adjust your mind in such a way that you are in a relationship and at the same time you are single.

5. Avoid comparing

It is very important to understand and accept the fact that your relationship is not like the other ones. The expectations are not the same. Taking things slow and getting to know each other better so that the relationship can be stronger is very important.

In most relationships, people meet regularly and go out for dinner dates, picnics, and movies. In long distance relationships, people tend to see each other rarely. The good thing is that the few times you actually meet, you will find that you appreciate and treasure each and every moment. That means the relationship bond is stronger.

6. Never ever give up on romance

The spark has to be kept alive in a long-distance relationship. As much as you do not live in the same country or city, giving up on the idea of romance should never be considered.

For example, you could take time and go for a romantic walk in the park or even have dinner together. Just in case your jobs are stressful, take a full package at a spa would be a spectacular idea. The idea here is to make the relationship stronger, despite the distance.

7. Small things go far

Along distance relationship is the same as any other normal relationship. Small gestures that couples in normal relationships do should also be done by those who are miles apart. Sending flowers is a sure way of making a woman so happy. Another way is by ordering take out if you are sure you partner will not be able to cook.

Consider the needs of your partner and fulfill them. It is even better when you do that from miles away. Being thoughtful is a positive implication of a strong relationship. Your partner will appreciate and feel loved and when the time is right, he or she might do the same for you.

8. Effective communication

Talking to each other regularly while far from each other is very important. Both parties need to feel the need to talk to each other. The quality of the relationship will surely increase if both people are able to openly share their feelings and emotions regularly.

9. Commitment

For a long-distance relationship to strive, you need to know the kind of commitment you are working with. Different couples have different levels of commitment, depending on their agreement. Being far from each other can be risky and scary for most couples. A relationship where both parties are fully committed is likely to pass all the tests, no matter how challenging they get.

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