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Let us give you a brief overview of what you will be purchasing. Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) is a reasonable, cost-efficient, and very flexible email service. It is very scalable in size and percentage. This service enables you to send emails from within any application whatsoever. Amazon SES can be configured quickly, and it is able to support various email use cases; this includes transactions, marketing materials, or mass emails. 

Amazon SES allows you to have flexible IP deployment as well as email authentication, which ensures the least security breaches. These options allow higher deliverability while protecting the sender.  You get all these options while maintaining security and getting access to analytics that quantify the impact of each email. With this Amazon AWS SES 50K Account, you can rest assured that the emails you send are secure and at scale.

Using the account, you will be able to send marketing emails on virtually anything. If you are a large business owner, you can use this account for sending emails promoting special offers, transactional emails including order confirmations, and many other types of communication needs.  When you start using Amazon SES to have email correspondence, you will be able to develop more software solutions which in turn will make your company more efficient. These solutions include email autoresponders, email subscription services, and applications that generate customer support tickets.

For Amazon SES, you will only need to provide payment for the things that you use. To figure out these details, we recommend that you visit the Amazon SES pricing site, where you will be able to get a better idea of the pricing methods used. As many of our customers are big corporations, you can be assured that the email correspondence taking place is secure and safe. You will be able to promote your sales and discounts using bulk emailing without breaking the bank. With this affordable account, you will be able to only pay for what you need.

Benefits of Using Amazon SES

Amazon SES allows you to build your business using a large-scale email solution. This will not only help in managing the promotional side of things but will also ease the costly burden of providing a good managerial system for your business. These problems are faced by most companies and they sometimes threaten the sustainability of the business. However, using the SES 50K Account, you will be able to deal with challenges such as IP address security, network configuration, as well the most important – email server management.

With the account, you will be provided with a large-scale solution to your infrastructure problems at a reasonable price. Furthermore, many third-party email solutions require contracts, price negotiations, and large upfront payments. Such solutions may compromise your security as well as make a huge dent in your pocket. To mitigate such issues, Amazon has built an interface and infrastructure that specifically caters to the user. With Amazon having years of experience as well as a sophisticated email infrastructure to serve their customers, you can only expect the best from them.

Optimizing deliverability is very important to a business. While using the Amazon AWS SES 50K Account, you will be able to record performance insights on the transactions and be given anti-spam feedback. This account will allow you to have variable, flexible deployment options, ranging from shared, dedicated, and even customer-owned IPs. Having these options will allow you to maintain a solid business image and prove to your customers that you are providing them the best services in the industry.

Amazon’s SES and Other Services

Amazon SES allows users to mix it in perfectly with the other Amazon Web Service products. Therefore, the options you can avail the following:

  • Incorporating email-sending abilities into any virtual application. For example, if your particular application runs in Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, you can then use Amazon SES to send around 62,000 emails every single month. This will also not require any extra charges. For emails from Amazon EC2, you would use an AWS SDK through the Amazon SES SMTP interface.
  • For making direct calls, Amazon SES API will be used.
  • Using AWS Elastic Beanstalk, users can create an email-enabled application. This program uses Amazon SES to be able to send newsletters to subscribed customers.
  • Easy storage of emails
  • Taking action based on the emails becomes easier by triggering the AWS Lambda functions.


The major advantage of owning this account is that you will be able to integrate other applications very quickly. These include Amazon SES console, APIs, or SMTP. As such, you will be able to configure the email-sending functions in just a matter of minutes. Amazon SES is very advantageous for any business which requires large handling of email receiving and sending. It will allow you to interact with the customers as well. However, no matter what your sending volume is, for Amazon SES, you will only pay for what you use.

Sending emails and messages is just as efficient. These include email sending statistics, comprising email deliveries, bounces, as well as feedback loop results. This account will help you to measure the effectiveness of each email outreach. Insights such as email opening or click-through rates allow you to measure just how engaged your customers are through your email communications.

Security is never an issue when it comes to an Amazon SES. The best part of it is that the sender policy framework is very secure and clear, as it confirms the right to send exactly on behalf of the domain. Keeping all of this in mind, buying the account will be a great investment for any company.


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