SentrySafe ESB-3 Electronic Security Box Review


When it comes to personal safety and the safety of your loved ones, there is hardly any room for compromise. Carrying a gun around can be risky and it is imperative that you keep your gun easily accessible for you and at the same time protected from unauthorized use.

With so many variations of gun vaults available in the market claiming to be the ultimate, making the right decision can be tricky. The SentrySafe ESB-3 Electronic Security Box provides the perfect solution for this It provides you with state of the art edge lock-down security whenever and wherever you require it Incorporated with the latest in high tech security, this product certainly sets the bar for portable gun vaults.

This SentrySafe ESB-3 Electronic Security Box Review explores in-depth the various features that go into making this product an absolute must have for people looking for a safe, convenient, and reliable solution to secure their gun.

Features of the SentrySafe ESB-3 Electronic Security Box

SentrySafe ESB-3 Electronic Security Box Review

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State of the Art Design

SentrySafe has maintained a solid reputation when it comes to building protects that do not compromise on any front. Modeled on a notebook design, the ESB-3 Electronic Security Box is amazingly light, compact, and yet provides an unbelievable level of protection for your Security, pistol, or other valuables.

The exterior is fashioned out of heavy-gauge steel. This makes it extremely difficult to penetrate through. The interior is lined soft foam to provide your gun with adequate protection in case of knocks or falls. The lock mechanism itself is designed without a flaw making sure that it never fails to perform, regardless of how heavy the usage is.

High End Security

On first glance, you will notice the first security feature. The exterior of the case is so designed that there are no purchase points that would facilitate a way to pry the safe open. The fittings of the vault are precise to make it virtually impossible for it to be opened with the use of hand tools.

The vault comes equipped with an internal computer that cuts off access following a specific number of invalid keypad entries. This ensures that nobody has access to your gun except you at any point in time The SentrySafe ESB-3 Electronic is available in both standard keypad as well as biometric models.

No-Eyes Keypad

SentrySafe has always gone over the edge when it comes to designing innovative security features. One of the important and unique security features incorporated in the ESB-3 Electronic is the No-Eyes Keypad. This is the feature that allows the user to program a secret code. This brilliant design enables the user to have more than 12 million variations of combinations.

The best part of this feature is that you can easily open the vault with your unique combination even in the dark. This essentially means that you have quick and easy access to your gun while preventing unauthorized access at all costs. The keypad is conveniently located to facilitate easy access.

Anti-Tampering Detection

Your gun needs to be accessible only by you and anybody who you personally authorize. To ensure this, SentrySafe has designed a tamper detection feature for the MV500 STD. This is incorporated into the keyboard. By virtue of this feature, the keypad will lock automatically in the scenario where more than 24 incorrect entries have been made.

Once these many invalid entries have been made, the safe goes into sleep mode for two minutes. In the sleep mode, the safe will emit warning beeps when any keypad button is pressed. This alerts the registered user of further unauthorized attempts to open the safe.

Securing the SentrySafe ESB-3 Electronic Security Box

The ESB-3 Electronic is extremely compact and lightweight. This enables the user to carry it around wherever required. To provide security in the portable mode, the MV500 STD comes with predrilled holes that facilitate the attaching of a security cable so you can secure the gun safe temporarily to a relatively immovable object such as the seat of your car or a leg of your desk.

This ensures that your gun safe is not easily stolen when you are moving around with it The security cable is provided by the manufacturer as part of the standard package.

Additional Features

The exterior is not the only part of the MV500 STD that is designed to ensure the safety of your gun. The interiors are lined with protective foam that ensures that your gun is not subjected to any kind of damage from the steel case. It also limits the movement of your gun inside the safe when you are carrying it around. The safe emits beeps when you operate the keypad.

In case, this is something that you do not desire, this can be muted with a button provided. Apart from the incorporated security features to prevent unauthorized access, the manufacturer provides an "override key" in the event that your safe has run out of power.

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What We Liked

  • High quality build ensures longevity and reliability.
  • No-Eyes Keypad ensures quick and easy access to safe even in the dark.
  • The supplied security cable enables you to carry your gun in your car securely.
  • Anti-tampering feature prevents unauthorized usage.
  • State of the art technology that never lets you down.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Although it prevents casual access to your gun, a targeted attack with high end tools will not be prevented.

Technical Details

  • Product Dimensions: 10.4 x 12.8 x 5.6 inches
  • Weight: 8.0 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 9.5 pounds
  • Model number: ESB-3

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens when the safe battery runs out?
The manufacturer provides an override key to use specifically for this purpose. You can use this to open the safe and replace the battery when required.

Q: Do you have to re-program the combination after you replace the batteries?
No, you do not have to reprogram the combination as it will be maintained in memory.

Final Verdict

As far as this SentrySafe ESB-3 Electronic Security Box Review is concerned, you will find it hard to find a better solution to keep your gun protected wherever you go at this price. The build quality ensures that no casual unauthorized entry will be possible. Apart from that, state of the art technology ensures that nobody gets past the safe without the right combination. The No-Eyes keypad is definitely a high point here since it enables you to access your pistol easily in any circumstance.

You need to keep in mind that at this price range, this safe is designed to provide a certain degree of security in the event of attempted access with hand tools. If you need high end protection from a targeted attack with sophisticated tools, you will need to look at more expensive options. The SentrySafe ESB-3 Electronic Security Box is definitely a great investment for somebody with minimal to medium usage of a gun.

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