10 Profitable and Small Business Ideas in India


Owning a business is, perhaps, the best way to ensure that your income has no ceiling. There are plenty of variations that you can apply to your own business once you have set it up. Speaking of business ideas, there needs to be a certain amount of capital invested in the business before you start making any money from it. however, not all business ideas need plenty of money to be invested before your business starts blooming. In a country like India, there are many opportunities for you to start your own enterprise with little to no investment.

Read on to know more about such ventures and how you can capitalize on them with a minimal start-up cost

Small Business Ideas in India

Small Business Ideas in India

1. Tailor Shop

There is no shortage of Indian ladies wishing to compete in terms of looks. Which also means that the tailor shops will always keep running. If you have a knack for tailoring and designing clothes, you can always give this idea a thought. All you need to invest in is a good sewing machine. You can even work from home before you save enough money to have your own professional place. Later, when your business flourishes, you can always hire staff to help you out.

2. Xerox Shop

The is the best business idea to start up in the vicinity of schools and colleges in India. With the never-ending use of study notes and other paperwork, Xerox shops never go out of business. Such a shop is bound to run well in commercial areas too.

3. Tuition Classes

This comes at zero cost investment. If you are good at working at academics or are a retired teacher, you can think of tutoring students who need help with studies. According to your area of expertise, you can always teach students or hire other teachers to teach them. You don’t need to invest a single penny in starting this business venture. There is plenty of demand for good teachers in the cities where you can set up your own tuition classes.

4. Daycare Center

Working parents are always looking out for caretakers for their babies while they are gone. Plan a day-care schedule for such children and allow them to spend the day with you. On second thoughts, you can start with your friends' kids and your family before you move onto clients on a professional front. This is a good business idea for stay-at-home people.

5. Take Photography Assignments

Weddings, birthday parties, and photo shoots do need a good photographer to get the best clicks. You need not be a professional to understand how photography works. You need to have a good understanding of pictures and images, and what makes them click. In the beginning, offer your services to people who are low on the budget looking for photographers. Start with small gigs, and eventually when your work gets recognized, you can take up bigger projects too.

6. Snack Joint

A food business is recession-free. if cooking is your skill, set up a small street joint and offer anything that you can prepare well. Customize your dishes as per your customers’ preferences, and watch your business grow. Hire a cook to prepare the dishes while you take care of the rest.

7. Online Ventures

Set up an online shop with whatever you are good at. It can be a designer shop, a bakery or even one of bags and accessories. The biggest advantage of owning an online shop is that you don’t have to have a shop, and there's no need to buy products in advance. You can purchase them as per your orders and demand, and sell them at a good profit margin. Make sure to advertise yourself on all social platforms, and ask your customers and friends to spread word around.

8. Freelancing

You can work as a freelance graphic designer, writer or photographer as per the assignments you receiver. There are many websites where you can register yourself as a freelancer and land high-paying projects. Offer your services at the rate you wish to work at, and get paid accordingly. There are many countries that outsource their work to India, and hence getting work as a freelancer is almost a cake walk. All you need for this business idea is a bank account, a computer with good internet connection, and ample of love for what you do.

9. Blogging and YouTube

This is also like freelancing, except you don’t work for anyone else. If you have a knack for writing, set up an online blog with plenty of fancy articles and pictures to make it popular. Speak your mind out through your blog and help make an impact on the lives of your readers. Speaking of the online world, setting up a YouTube channel will also help you bring out your talent. Anything you are good at, be it singing, dancing, comedy or cooking, you can showcase it via your videos and get paid through AdSense. It is a good way of earning passive money with plenty of love and admiration from your readers and viewers.

10. Yoga Center

Yoga has made a comeback in the routine lives of most people. Train people with their yoga exercises if you are well versed with it. it is a good way of making money for a start. Later, you can hire professional trainers and even turn your business into a full-fledged fitness center offering other forms of training as well. On second thoughts, you can start a singing or dancing classes too.


The above-mentioned business ideas are not all. There are many other ways by which you can become an entrepreneur. Find out what your calling is. Do what you are good at. You can start off selling your services to another organization before becoming an independent business owner. These methods and small business ideas do work.

True that they take a while before they get going, but once they start off, there is no looking back. Creativity is desired and appreciated all over India. Start with your innovative ideas, even if it provides you a low profit margin initially. Seek help if need be. Remember that it takes plenty of years for a business to become an overnight success. Have patience and everything else will fall into place.

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