Small Business Ideas in Nigeria – That Will Make You Money


The best moment to start a business in Nigeria is now. You have several good business options. You can choose to start small, as an additional income and grow your business in time or invest in a great opportunity that will occupy all your time. Regardless of your preferences, you will find a business opportunity that suits your needs at a low risk.

With a very low employment rate, a great way to get a job is to create one for yourself and sometimes it is easier to start a small business than find a good, stable job. By starting a business, you will potentially create job opportunities for other people too.

Why Starting a Business in Nigeria ls, a Great Idea, you should start a business in Nigeria because it is relatively easy to get the necessary funds. You don’t have to rely only on what you barely saved or on the money your parents can give you. There are many businesses that require a relatively small startup investment and raising capital has gotten a lot easier in the past years.

Nigeria is quickly growing in terms of population. It has been predicted that the population in Nigeria will exceed that of the United States by 2050. Nigeria is also a fast-developing country and the government is constantly working on improving the economic conditions and make your job as an entrepreneur much easier.

10 Profitable Small Business Ideas

Small Business Ideas in Nigeria

1. E-commerce business

Starting an e-commerce business in Nigeria is extremely easy. Plus, being a completely online service, you can reach customers from all over the world, not just Nigeria. You can set up an online store and start turning a world of potential customers into buyers. Your online store will work 24/7 to bring you money.

You can be a part of the ever-increasing online commerce world. Just choose a product line that you are knowledgeable and passionate about and start earning.

2. Construction Company

Another great business idea is to start a construction company. Nigeria is a country that is still developing and massive construction sites are in progress, from bridges and roads to buildings and skyscrapers. Your business can have a piece of the money that is currently being invested in Nigeria and you don’t need a big investment to start.

3. Recruitment Agency

While there are currently many unemployed youths in Nigeria is also true that companies prefer to hire people through an agency on a contract basis instead of hiring full-time employees. This trend is not only seen in Nigeria but around the world. This way they reduce the costs but it is a great opportunity for anyone who is searching for a business idea. You can profit this trend instead of fighting it and complaining and start your recruitment agency that is very likely to have great success.

4. Call Center Agency

What you may not know is that most companies outsource the call center services. The great thing about starting a call center agent is that you can start small, from home, with only one employee: you. In time, you can grow your business, rent an office space and hire more employees thus turning a very small call center agency into a success. You can have contracts with big or small companies with great earning potential.

5. Daycare Center

Parents are working harder every day thus the need for good daycare centers increases. This is another business idea that can start small with a babysitting service or even a nanny agency and grow to a full daycare center when you have enough funds. You can also start the daycare center in your own home, thus avoiding additional costs.

If you will provide great services you are guaranteed to succeed in this business.

6. Dry Cleaning Business

Another business that is likely to grow in the near future is the dry-cleaning business. With most of the people working all day long, you will provide a great service that will relieve them of the task of washing their clothes. This is one of the faster-growing businesses in Nigeria and more businesses are started every day. You can set yourself apart from your competition by providing a high-quality service.

7. Party Rental Business

This is a great way to make some extra money and, in time, it can get your main income. You can start small, with only a few rental possibilities and a killer website that draws your clients. As time passes you can expand your services and provide complete rental possibilities for parties, business events, and even weddings. You can even make this a home business until it grows enough to rent an office space.

8. Poultry Farm

If you like animals and getting your hands dirty this is a very good choice for you. While starting a poultry farm just to feed your family is relatively easy, turning it into a successful business is a completely different thing. This is another example of a business you can start with a small initial investment, even as a part-time additional income but that has a great growth potential.

9. Agricultural Business

Basically, any agricultural idea, from organic farms to tomato farming can be a great business idea. You need to figure out what crops go well on the market and go with that choice. You should also keep in mind that it will most likely pass a long time before your first revenue and you need to have an additional income source to cover your expenses in all that time.

10. Smartphone Repair Shop

If you know your way around smartphones and can fix anything, this is the choice for you. It is a relatively small initial investment and you can start working from home but ideally, you will have a small shop in a very busy area from the beginning. You do however need to spend money on several high-quality tools that will help you do your job and provide a great service to your customers.


You have many business options in Nigeria and the choice you make can depend on the budget at your disposal, your preferences and the specifics of the area you live in. This list doesn’t cover all great business opportunities and with a little research, you have all chances to start and grow a successful business in Nigeria.

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